Sunlight or moonlight?

  • Date: 22 February 2017
  • Place: Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan
  • Accommodation: 24US$ (1 night)
  • Food: 129NT$
  • Transport: Bus (TPE<–>SunMoon Lake): 820NT$



Day 4. Day 3 in Taiwan.

This morning after waking up but rolling on bed for a few hours I decided to do something productive with my life (for a change). It was then that I remembered that Minwen told me a place called Sun Moon Lake. With no plans and so on I decided that that would be my stop today.

When I got to Taipei Bus Terminal it was already noon, I bought my bus ticket and there I was, on the way to one of the biggest lakes in Taiwan if not the most.

The bus ride was quite long (270km in 5h) and maybe the most terrorific one I ever had… (my dad’s driving is not that good, you know…)😖
The bus driver would ride with the door open, no seat belts, sudden stops on the middle of the street to buy himself some food, high speed on country roads, at some point I did ask myself “How did I even got here? And why?!”

Around 5h  something after with fear…I got to the lake. Safe and sound.

I got there after 7pm and I still had to find a place to sleep…Lucky me I found a hostel called Yué Lake Hostel that still had some beds left at the female dormitory, I slept there.

I did not do much more after that, I went for a night walk to the nearest temple (Long Feng Temple), took some photos, walked around for a little bit and went to sleep.
The night view from that small temple was beautiful and it’s illumination too… If you ever go to the Sun Moon Lake I recommend spending the night and even a couple of days to relax.

Lights, food and Songshan

Day 3. Day 2 inTaiwan. Part 2.
After going to Jiufen and before going back home I decided to stop by Songshan to see on of the most famousnight markets in Taipei’s. After leaving the rain behind I found myself back in Taipei and you coud see that even on the late hours of night there’s that ambient of “I don’t want to sleep” around.
Delicious food, small street stores and good prices.
For those who love markets you cannot miss Raohe night market!!!

Alert: For those who are really sensitive to smells and never been to a night market, be careful!!! Lots of different strong smells around!!!

But the story did not end there…After getting around the market, bought something to eat and avoided stinky tofu I decided to get back before the last train. Getting back was not as easy as I thought it would be.

I got lost.

On top of getting lost after going in opposite direction, my hone battery died and once I found the appartment thanks to the photos in my camera I could not remember the door number and with my phone dead I had to ring bell per bell until I got the right door…
Sorry to all the neighbours I woke up in the middle of the night on a work day…

Under the rain, Jiufen

  • Date: 21 February 2017
  • Place: Jiufen, Taiwan
  • Accommodation: FREE (Chouchsurfing)
  • Food: 171NT$
  • Transport: Bus (Taipei<–>Jiufen): 30NT$


Day 3. Day 2 in Taiwan. Part 1.

I woke up and the first thing I did was look into my phone to decide where I would be going. Decided goal: Jiufen.

Jiufen is a city on the mountains area of Riufang.

This place it’s well known for it’s market and it’s famous tea house. It’s said that this place searved as inspiration for the hotel of the animated Studio Ghibi film “Spirited away” which won an Oscar more than 10 years ago at the beginning of 2000’s.

It was raining when I woke up, it was raining all the way up with the bus, and it did not stop raining at any point of the excursion.

I did see the main street and the temple but I had no time to go see the tea house. It was my fault (partly) as I got there quite late and I had to take a bus back and a train from Taipei to Tamsui.

Next time I am gonna take more time or at least I wouod try to go directly to the Tea House

For those who are looking for a quiet place with not a lot of tourist invasion, this is not your place, I repeat, THIS IS NOT YOUR PLACE.
And even though I still would tell you to give it a try!

Tamsui is the first stop

  • Date: 20 February 2017
  • Place: Tamsui, Taiwan
  • Food: 170NT$
  • Accommodation: Free (Couchsurfing)
  • Transportation: Train (TPE-Tamsui): Free
  • Others: Easy Card (transport card Taiwan): 500NT$ ; SIM Card (8 days): 800NT$

Day 1 of the trip. Day 1 in Taiwan.

I spent my the night at Taipei’s airport and I got to the first train in the morning which, for my surprise, was free. They were promoting something so it was totally free. I bought an Easy card. A card you can just charge and use as a transportation card.

First stop is at a city call Tamsui. I couchsurfed there, my host, a university student, Minwen Cheng let me use an extra room they had at a shared house. I got a SIM card before getting there and as I got lost it took me longer than expected to get to her house…

At night time, she offered me to get me a ride around the night market on her motorbike and, of course, I said YES!

That was my first time on a night market. She took me out to eat tooand she was super helpful and super simpathetic. We ate in to different places. A local vermicelli shop anda place where students usually go. After we ate we went for a walk next to the river and after all of the experience, back to the house, she introduced me to the roommate and dogs and back to “my room” to sleep.

I have to be thankful to her for lettig me surf in her house.



Time to fly

  • Date: 19 February 2017
  • Place: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Accomodatio: FREE (I slept at the airport)
  • Food: FREE  (brought some from home)
  • Others: Flight price (KIX-TPE): 150€

I love travelling but I’ve never had the opportunity to do it until recently. And this time my trip started with a “Goodbye”. 



A friend of mine went back to his country the same day I departed 💔

His name is Dayan and I had a crush on him.

After living on the same College Residence in Kyoto for half a year he went back to Holland and like a good girl who have a crush on someone I choose the departing date to be able to say goodbye to him (though I never thought it would  same day same hour).

So this was my start. The 19th was the day I said goodbye to him and promised myself I would forget him, I got into a plane from Japan to Taiwan and started a 2 months backpacker trip around East Asia: Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and the Philippines.

It was time to forget and search for something more meaningful. I wanted to get lost and at some point I found a little bit of myself.

The trip started after midnight and it started with a flight deleyed  (that’s why it became the same hour of departure) a short plane ride of (around) 3 hours brought me to Taipei’s Airport where I spended my first night. Quite confy and with great Wi-Fi. I called my mum to say I got there safe and back to sleep.

Should I count this as the first day?…Nah, let’s call it Day Zero.